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    Bozeman Schools

    If you are planning to move to Bozeman and have kids that will be going to Bozeman
    Public Schools, rest assured we have wonderful schools and teachers. Many of our
    schools have won the Blue Ribbon award for excellence.

    Bozeman offers:
    8 Elementary schools K-6
    2 Middle schools 7-9
    1 High School 10-12

    With an additional High School due to open Fall of 2020.
    We also have a Christian based private school Petra Acadamey.

    Petra offers:
    Pre-K $3600-4850 per/year based on number of days.
    Kindergarten $4850 per/year
    Elementary 1-6 $ 7250 per/year
    Secondary 7-12 $ 7725 per/year

    Whether your child is interested in art, music or sports, there are plenty of activities for
    your child to explore.

    The link to Bozeman schools is Bozeman Schools
    The link to Petra is Petra Academy

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