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    Bozeman Trails and Parks

    Bozeman Trails and Parks


    It’s happening! The temperatures are rising, the days are getting longer and the many trails and parks that run through and around Bozeman are beginning to thaw out. Nothing brings true Bozemanites together quite as effectively as a deep love for the great outdoors, and even the layout of this town is a reflection of that. From Main street to the mountains, there is no shortage of well-maintained trails and parks to explore.


    Of course, all trails in town are dog-friendly and most even provide dog waste stations throughout to help keep the trails clean and enjoyable for everyone. While leashes are required for all dogs on the trails, the city does provide several off-leash dog parks, including Snowfall Rec, Gallatin County Rec, Burke Park and Cooper Park. provides a fantastic and interactive map that will help you find the perfect trail or park for your adventure. It even shows you where to find a good climbing boulder, playground, or pavilion. 


    Follow the link below for the interactive map.

    Map of Trails and Parks


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