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    Preferred Vendors

    Black Diamond’s Preferred Vendors

    Your Black Diamond Montana team has compiled all of our favorite vendors that we use for all items on your list. Whether it be the maintenance of your current house, for updating or if you’re looking for a great inspector for your new home you can find the help you need by contacting our vendors that we have listed below.

    Septic Pumping

    • TLC septic 406-388-7696


    • Madison river 406-388-8227

    Window Cleaning

    • Bridger views window cleaning – Eric white 406-580-5434


    Rain Gutters

    • Gutter Guys.  Mark.   406-599-7693

    Flooring, Tiling

    • Alex Gerharter.   406-599-4960


    HVAC Heating

    • Wiley. Coyote.  406-577-6775


    • Jeff Tobin 406-570-6961


    • Mike Bowen 406-581-4904

    Home Inspectors


    Home Insurance: