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The Top Five Must Haves for Your Tech Savvy Home

“Hey Alexa, what are the top five items I need to turn my home into a high-tech house?”

In a world with little tech assistants like Alexas and Google Homes, we can be completely hands-off with online shopping, starting our sprinklers, turning on/off our lights, and even pressing play on our music.  As great as these assistants are we want to help you take your home to the next level and tell you our top five items to have in your high-tech home.

Smart Mirrors

We are going to start in the bathroom with these little gems we discovered in an open house the other week, anti-fog smart mirrors. (Mirror Pictured)Beyond just being anti-fog you can adjust the brightness of the light in the mirror so you no longer need to use a standing mirror and take up precious counter space.

After researching this mirror we found a company in Wisconsin that can build you a custom mirror with capabilities to display your calendar, email, the weather, play your music and even display your tv in the mirror. Wow. Jaw dropping technology! If this is something you’re interested in we have a link to their site here!


Ring Doorbell


We already know how easy it is to order items through your little home assistant, so with all of your Amazon Prime packages arriving we want to make sure you don’t become victim to the porch pirates. This doorbell has an HD camera, a motion sensor, and a two-way microphone.  With the Ring doorbell from Amazon, you can receive alerts on your smartphone, PC or tablet anytime someone rings your doorbell or sets off the motion sensor. Now you’ll no longer have to wonder who has been coming and going from your house while you’re away.


Philips Hue Lights

Remember not so long ago when your lights were on a timer so whenever you went out of town it would appear as though someone was home? Or maybe you didn’t do this but surely you remember Kevin McCallister in “Home Alone” using this system. Well now instead of your lights turning on/off every day at the same time there is a way to remotely turn them on/off and change the light brightness for your liking with the Philips Hue Lighting system. When purchasing the hue lights, Philips makes it easy by giving you starter kit options which include different hue white bulbs and colored bulbs to choose from. These high tech bulbs can set your home apart from others by creating a light ambiance everyone will want to experience.


Samsung Smart Refrigerator

This refrigerator is a serious GAME CHANGER.

Have you ever thought to yourself, “I need to add ____ to my list.” Or ever said it to someone in the house, “don’t let me forget to add ____ to my list,” but it still never made it on your shopping list? We’re all guilty of it. So one of our favorite features of this fridge is that you can voice command add items to your grocery list, no longer should you forget anything.

This fridge also has the capability to help build meals based on what foods you have in it as well as, play music and sync with your calendar! Meal prepping just got a lot easier.


Samsung Smart Oven

Ok so now that you have a smart refrigerator, you need a high-tech oven to ensure the best cooking for holidays, get-togethers or busy weeknight meals. Our next gadget is the Samsung Double Oven Gas Range with Self-Cleaning Convection Oven. This oven is all about flexibility: It has an optional divider that turns it into a double oven if you want to cook two dishes at once, and it connects to Wi-Fi, so you can adjust the temperature from your smartphone. Consider yourself the forever host with this oven!


If you think you have a high-tech home or if you have a favorite gadget, let us know in the comments! We love learning about the new tech features that can be added to homes for simplicity, beauty and ease!

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